365 degrees

Well…one year ago today we were making our way to London as the final stop off on our way back to the states. You might not believe this but not a day goes by where someone in the family doesn’t mention some aspect of our trip. I have no doubt that this family will be up for another adventure as soon as life settles down just a little bit more.

Here are some references / memories that stay with us.

  • The Kubb set that we are waiting to use on a fall day, or when the temperature gets below 37 degrees. (Another nod)
  • Sam still calls hot dogs “polse”
  • We still call some things Norwegian food…some in a good way, some in a different way.
  • We lament our ability to walk down to the ocean / fjord or into the hills depending on what we feel like.
  • When the TV breaks we remember that we only watched TV huddled behind the laptop to catch our favorite shows for free.
  • Sam saw a commercial or something about the London Olympics in 2012 and asked if we were going.


I know my blog posts are down about 50% over last year, but stay tuned. We are inevitably setting off on another adventure. We are going to spend a little more time figuring out what it is.

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