Central Perk this is not….

Funny thing. The other day I received one of those “A family member from Nigeria has left you millions” e-mails. I chuckled to myself, deleted it and posted on Facebook how lucky I was that this family member remembered me and left me millions of dollars. This is the point where you know who your real friends are and how well they know you.

- My real friends started right in on how I should also send my social security number and that it sounds like such a great deal that they would like to get in on it also. These are the people who know that: a – I’m not that stupid. b – I enjoy a good laugh about these things.

- The second group of friends commented that they weren’t sure if I was kidding, but if I got some money they would like some too…but be careful.

- The last group of friends told me I should call the cops, DON’T DO IT – IT’S A SCAM!! I really need to be careful and that this type of stuff never works out.

I really should take anyone from that last group and just remove them from the friends list. They obviously don’t know enough about me to be my actual friend. I am touched that they cared enough to respond and warn me, but I’m also worried that they think of me as their dumb friend from Florida. I’ll probably keep them around because it’s very traumatic to get dropped as a friend on Facebook. I don’t want any of them crying to me and begging me to let them back in “the circle”. For my friends that read this blog…that was sarcasm.


  1. T-Bone from with in the CircleNovember 26, 2010 at 5:17 PM

    My brother, you are very wise to avoid the inheritance of many goats and grass clippings. There has been an uprising and the value of goats is no longer equal to Mercedes Benz more like Yugo. The grass clippings must be smoked to gain value. We are awaiting the election of a new high court jester to lead us from the mayhem and instability of goats. Please write again soon and I will send my grass clippings when prices are mature.
    Tiberius Carroll -- Your Brother

  2. Great...stalked by a stoned Captain Kirk.