Step 1–Summer of 2011–Bryson City, NC

Hey who would have thunk it…the Dodge Durango made it to North Carolina. It has been a long time since I had driven anything like a trailer and I think as an adult it gives me anxiety. What if one of the tires blows out? Will the brakes hold? I can barely see in the mirror….In my life I have driven almost any vehicle you can imagine. Street sweeper, road grader, cop car, fire truck, the list goes on. I pride myself on my use of mirrors and all the stuff men should be able to do. Along the way it seems I have lost my ability to back up and place a trailer in the proper place. It haunts me as I pull into our campground. How big is the space? Is it backing to the right or to the left? (Trust me, it matters) Will there be people watching? But I digress…If you get a chance, take a look at Bryson City, NC and if you are one of my Orion people, try to find the similarities.

Bryson City Wikipedia link

Of course you have to subtract the mountains and the river…anyhow, our first foray into the wilds is north of Bryson City at the Deep Creek campground.


This place had it all. A creek for tubing, and goats. This is, of course, the kids list of “having it all”. We had a great spot right on the creek and the kids quickly became friends with the “kids”

Charleston-20110618-00137  Charleston-20110618-00142

I don’t have any pictures of us on “the crick” but here is a stock shot from the campgrounds website…it’s pretty accurate.

All of this was basically located at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park where I got to ride my bike every morning with Sara.


We had a blast at this campground. I’ll post some more pictures later.

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