Red light, green light

So St. Louis is one of those cities across the U.S. that has invested in red light cameras. I , apparently, am a co-investor. I’m torn. I really did not like paying the $100.00 because my car (Jen) didn’t come to a complete stop on the right turn on red. I also did not like finding out that $32.00 of my $100.00 went to a couple of guys in Arizona who St. Louis bought the cameras from. I’m surprised that a couple of bucks doesn’t go to the Edison family just because they had a hand in the “light” portion of the puzzle. The reason I’m torn is because it has really made me pay attention to red lights. I guess that was the intention, but if I thought about it a little more I would guess the intention is to milk me for a Benjamin as often as possible. I now cheer the lights when I see them bust someone else. It’s kinda cool. If you are sitting at the intersection, not breaking the law, you can watch the flash of the camera add to the coffers of the fine City of St. Louis. If it weren’t such an expensive proposition I would also think it was cool that they send you a ticket with a link to the video of your crime. If you look close enough you can see other people at the intersection cheering your downfall. I guess I’m not alone. Just kidding. You can, however, see a police car just cruising past the scene of the crime at the end. Guess they let the cameras do the work.


I’m not sure if this will work, but here is the offending clip. If it doesn’t work, I can tell you where you can record your own violation and get a free copy of your own $100.00 flying out of the window!!


Eh…oh well…the video sucks.

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