Sports heaven!!

IF I were a huge sports fan my new house would be pretty damn cool. It’s pretty cool anyhow, and I can’t afford to be a huge sports fan. I made the map represent the block I live on so I don’t get stalked by some deranged “We Love Larry” fan….that’s you Locander

1.2 miles from the home of the St. Louis Rams

1.8 miles from the multi year World champion St. Louis Cardinals

1 mile from the “we are on strike” St. Louis Blues

I don’t know anything about the St. Louis University Bilikens, but they are in the “less than 2 mile” category. I really should publish a more cultural map with the museums and theatres. Right now it’s really a bit chilly to walk to any of them.

Oh…that first 1.4 miles is to the Arch. All downhill too.



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