‘Tis the season…

In the spirit of re-re-re starting this blog I am offering this posting…

A list of observations about re-living in St. Louis.

Preface: I used to live here briefly when I worked on the Admiral Casino. I had no idea that I used to drive from my little house in the suburbs, park downtown, go to work and then back home, completely bypassing everything that is St. Louis. I have already experienced more culture and “St. Louisness” than I did in the 5’ish years I lived her previously. Here are just some random things about this time.

1. St. Louis has the longest traffic lights in, I think, the world. You know that point where you think to yourself, “Man this light is taking forever”? A little bit later you start to think that maybe the light is stuck? Then you contemplate the consequences of simply blowing off the light? 3 minutes longer than all of those things.

2. St. Louis is a dog city. There might be more dogs than people around here. One of the ways I came to this conclusion is the amount of dog poop I have to dodge as I travel around.

3. There is no in between here.

- Friendly or not friendly

- City vs. county

- Love it or hate it

- Cardinals vs. everyone else. No other fans actually live here. They would just be so lonely and taunted.

3. The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial is not the only thing to do here. “The Arch” for the less cultured. Stay tuned and I’ll try to keep you up to speed on the cool stuff there is. I’ve already posted some stuff to Facebook, but it seems like I should be chronicling things here.

4. Food. I was already finding a few pounds over the years, but this place is going to put me into a whole new category. Again…another chance for some good posts and pictures of food. You just can’t find pictures of food on Facebook. Oh, yeah, well….pictures with a good story. There Facebook, take that.

Anyhow….the theme of the day is “Stay tuned” I will do my best to keep writing. There is a lot to talk about.


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