Excuse me Mr. Wells, but do you have the time?

I was putting a book back on the shelf the other day and I got to thinking about something. Before I start to type what appears to be really weird stuff and you start thinking I’m crazy, the book was about time travel of a sort. For some reason I was giving this more brain power than is really necessary and I decided that even if I could go back in time I would just look like as big a dummy as I do in my own time. Keep up with me here. If you were to travel back, call it 100 years, what super knowledge of the future would you have that would make you rich or famous? Besides betting on the World Series or maybe making some stock investments what else could you do? Could you invent the computer earlier than it was already invented? How about the TV? There’s no way I could explain TV or help someone built it or tell them anything other than a story about it. 100 years ago cars would have been around, but even if I went back far enough to get cars invented I would have been the dumbest guy in the garage. I can see it now. I would have been locked up in some sort of institution. “There he is, that’s the guy who thinks we can send men to the moon” I think there might already be time travelers in our midst, but they are just too dumb to speak up for fear that they would look like idiots. Note to self…when time travel is invented…send back the smart people.

Oh, by the way. The book was Replay by Ken Grimwood

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  1. Billy "Buffalo" WoodsDecember 11, 2009 at 10:36 AM

    Greetings: My name is Billy and I come from the future via time travel from the year 2145. I am a descendent of the illegitimate love child of Tiger Woods that was born in 2010. I have been working as a historian and researching the random thought processes of the blogosphere as I travel back in time. I bring good news from the future ... The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series in 2015. Sarah Palin will be banished from planet earth during the election of 2012 and forced into exile somewhere in the #4 nebulae just past the Orion beltway. Your blog will be enshrined in the "Random Thoughts Hall of Fame in 2025" ... and a roundabout that is 400
    miles in diameter will be constructed in your honor in the year 2026.