Yes we have no bananas!

Mom and Dad have safely returned to Orion and sub-60 degree weather. I already miss them and can’t wait to get together again. Sam still has his banana aversion and is still singing the new song that he and Larry arranged. This song goes something like this: “Christmas dog saved the day! Christmas dog saved the day! (repeat 50 times) Bow wow wow, bow wow wow!!! Sorry. It had to be noted for posterity. Especially if a similar song makes the top 40. Residuals you see. We are all looking forward to Christmas and counting down the days while we twiddle our thumbs waiting until the very last second and wondering why half our budget is spent on postage. Here are some additional random photos from “the visit” and holiday preparations.

DSCN3971 IMG_0084

IMG_0083 IMG_0082

This one edited to retain maximum Christmas surprise.



  1. 5 pictures deserve 5 comments:
    1) Is Sara the white nosed Reindeer Santa's backup?
    2) Did someone just tell Larry that Albert Pujols was traded?
    3) Sam is cool.
    4) Is that my Uncle Billy over the window? and what type of pie is on the counter?
    5) She blogs, she sews, she makes jewelry she is the perfect woman.

    Happy Holidays.

  2. 1) - Sara is, well, unique
    2) - Larry was sitting at the oudoor mall...none too happy to be there.
    3) - A relative of Billy and cherry.
    4) - Blogs? (Last updated two months ago)