Band-Aids needed

So for Sam’s 6th birthday the collective geniuses that = me and Jen decided to buy Rock Band for our Wii. This may eventually go down as one of the biggest mistakes ever. Interestingly PLAYING Rock Band is quite similar to being IN a Rock Band. Here’s why:

1. – All of the band members think they are better players than they really are.

2. – The latest gig ended up with the drummer freaking out and kicking the other members out of the band. (That was me)

3. – The guitarist / bass player is moody and can’t get along with the lead singer.

4. – Don’t even get me started on the manager…she is strung out on all sorts of medication.

Here are some promo shots of our band – Lorax


This photo is staged. No way would I look like that unless I was trying to look goofy.

DSCN4388 DSCN4379

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  1. Groupie in Moline .....May 30, 2010 at 8:41 PM

    How do I sign up as a roadie ?
    Where and when is your first gig ? Is it at the Tampa Holiday Inn in the Lounge area ?
    Is the name Lorax associated with my favorite Pokeman charachter Snorilax ? or does it have anything to do with Laxatives? Music that makes you ......