I don’t like spiders and snakes

I’m scared of snakes, mice, frogs, all slimy things and probably some things I don’t even remember. The kids think this is funny and so does Jen. Why do I have to be cool with everything? Why can’t a guy or a dad be freaked out by the occasional rodent or amphibian? Here are some events that have really helped cement these fears.

-  Opening the pool skimmer and finding a snake, or in Rhode Island I would find a dead mouse about once a week. It gave me the creeps to simply scoop them out of the pool with the 20 foot pole.

-  Picking up the toy snake off of my tool bench only to find out that it was the real thing. I didn’t go near the tool bench for a week. I still give it a good look before I reach for anything.

-  The other day when I was checking the pool equipment I stepped on a frog. There’s nothing like the squish of raw frog between your toes to signify that summer is just around the corner.

-  I used to run over garter snakes when mowing my parent’s lawn in Orion. The Lawn Boy spitting snake parts across the lawn will also give you lifetime heebie jeebies.

There. I wrote it. The next person who tries to hand me a cute lizard is going to get smacked…once they put it down.

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