A litter bit of this, a litter bit of that…

Ok only two things to post tonight. Late night idiotic things that probably only occur to me.

#1 – I’ve always had this fascination with the “no littering” sign. Here’s my stupid logic. One does not litter, one throws their shit on the ground, at which point it becomes litter. Where the heck did the word litter come from anyhow? I like my straightforward approach better. “Don’t throw your shit on the ground!” They probably use the word litter because they pay by the letter.

#2 – We walked by a place tonight called “The Pretzel Twister”. I remarked that is really should be called “The Dough Twister”. Why would someone twist a pretzel? It’s already twisted. See? I told you my mind is kind of whacked. I didn’t catch Jen rolling her eyes at this observation, but I’m sure it happened.

imageThat’s really it for now. Just be happy I posted something two days in a row. I was inspired that I received a renewal notice for “Welovelarry.com” and figured I’d better step it back up. I’ll keep trying. It’s not as easy as you think to observe. Larry is visiting next week. I think I’ll ask him for some ideas.

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