We had a great day Saturday. We ventured into the nearby town of Aalesund to check out what we missed in the 2:00 am, semi-conscious, drive to our house. If any of you have searched or clicked the link somewhere deeper in the blog for Aalesund, you will know what we found. Aalesund is beautiful, even on a winter day full of slush and snow. There are a bunch of things to do in the town, but we pretty much reserved the afternoon for simply wandering around. Sam was amazed by the boats and we stopped to watch a number of fishing boats come into the harbor. I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Do a search for either Alesund or Aalesund and take a look at the history of the town, it is interesting also.

After we returned to the house we found the neighbors gathered in what I'm now going to refer to as the "circle". The island in the middle of the cul de sac. Curiously it was the adults gathered there building a snow princess. The kids, and now Sam, were sledding and having a snowball war. The adults were very into this sculpture of theirs and told me that we moved into a neigborhood of "not so normal" Norwegians. Person after person came by to offer suggestions on how to enhance the Princess, and then turned to ask me why I wasn't in Florida and all sorts of other questions. After meeting about 10 of the neighbors we decided to call it a day. The sculpture was finished, the people all wandered off to watch the Norwegian version of American Idol, and it was dinner time.

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