No. Seriously. I won't even mention it.

I can't believe you fell for that title. Of course I'm gonna mention it. It snows here every day! Another 6-8 inches last night. Crazy. I know you're getting tired of hearing about it, but I feel that I can build some sympathy from Joe and Chris in Land O Lakes. I know they wish they were shoveling snow.

Anyhow...this isn't about that. This is just an excuse to post some pictures. To keep my "I love Larry" sponsors happy. He's doing the same. Pretty good. Apparently went and spent or increased his retirement funds at one of the local casinos. I'm telling on him also. He went for a drive...from the drivers seat. Don't tell his doctor.

Ok. Here's some pictures. Apparently the water seen in previous pictures is full of cruise ships in the summer as tourists make their way in and out of the fjords. We hope to get out for some sort of excursion this weekend even if it is to change the backdrop of our pictures.


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