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Seems our Norwegian friends are enjoying Florida quite a bit. Our pool seems to be the biggest attraction. Every time I talk to them they mention how much they love it. It makes me feel a little guilty since we took the pool for granted a bit and don't use it as much as we probably should. They have also enjoyed Busch Gardens, which is very near our house, a couple of times. I'm a little concerned that they may not leave and there is going to be a confrontation at some point.

I have spent some time on the phone with mom and dad this week and they are doing well. Chemo went well, but they had to remove my dads PIC line as it had a couple of issues. I think this sounds like a rotten deal since that is the way he was getting his intravenous medication relatively pain free. Just plug him in and fill him up. They are putting a new one in next week I think. I have lost track of the number of treatments he has received, but the doctor plans on doing another PET scan after 8 treatments. I have a lot of mixed emotions about this upcoming event since everyone has calmed down a bit. I would hate to see anything introduce more drama. Drama is exhausting.

On that note...there is no drama here, although I did get a parking ticket in a language I don't even understand. Apparently parking lots are a bit different here and they aren't very sympathetic to my "I don't speak / read Norwegian". By the way...wayward parking in Alesund will set you back 300 Kroner or $50.00. 

Here are a couple of pictures with the usual gray weather in them. We are told it will start to get a bit brighter here in the next month or so. Talk to you soon.

Sara's school

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