"Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand..."

Bonus for knowing the movie the title is from.

It's been a quiet couple of days here in Norway. We are forced to do normal every day life things like shop, go to school, work, clean. Everyone told us before we came here that Norway was an expensive proposition, but I'll be the one to tell you that it is a hit or miss proposition. Prior to figuring out the currency conversion we were burned by this at none other than McDonalds. A couple of days ago we were wandering the area and thought it might be funny to visit McDonalds in another country. After ordering and getting our food the cashier asked for 270 Kroner. I took out a big pile of money that looked like Monopoly cash, and shoved a pile of it her way. About halfway through a Big Mac I was able to do the math and found that dinner for 4 cost me $40. We soon found out that no one in Norway really eats at McDonalds...and for good reason. We have since figured out that there are some expensive items here and others that are reasonable. The math is killing me though. 

A couple of other things that I find interesting. Roundabouts. I have encountered roundabouts, or traffic circles, in Bermuda previously, but this is the first time finding them on the correct side of the road. I wonder why we don't have them in the states. They are very efficient.

Still haven't solved the ice mystery and I'm not googling it. 

People don't wave at you here when they pass you in the car...I think they think we are weird.

You think you can get by without speaking the language until you try to read a recipe or food directions. 

I talked with dad on the "phone" today before writing this. All is well. Don't ask my mom about their vehicles. It will lead you down a depressing road. Sunny, our dog, seems to be adapting to the fast paced life of an Orion resident, but she was pretty much in that mode already.

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