Hey Corrigan man!

When did the world become such a place that we had to check and double check everyone else's work? I just realized the other day that everywhere I go I spend part of the time either wondering if the person did something right or full on checking their work. Here are some examples:

- Pharmacy – The grocery store pharmacy up the street is infamous in our house for screw ups. Expired medicine. Wrong medicine. Wrong prices. Missing prescriptions. Just yesterday when Jen came home with 5 scripts I dutifully handed them over, insisted that they check if they had each item and waited. They came back and told me one of the items they didn’t have (after saying they did) and then they left one of the items off. I know…change pharmacies, but why can’t they just get it right?

- Grocery store – Jen rushes to get into position when checking out at the grocery store so she can see the screen as each thing scans. EVERY time she catches something.

- Didn’t you used to go to the mechanic and trust that the guy did the work he said he was doing and that it was correct? Nowadays you have to get the old part that they took off the car to make sure they did it.

- Drive thrus – Jen won’t let me drive more than 100 yards from the restaurant until she checks that everything is there. Good thing we don’t do it that often, but I’d say that almost 80% of the time I have to hoof it back into the store to fix something.

Feel free to add your own in the comments. I’d be interested to hear them.


  1. I have 1000's of examples but here is one for now ... Taco Bell at the drive thru always asks
    "would you like some hot sauce with your order"
    I say "yes thank you" .... They forget the hot sauce EVERY TIME ....

  2. ok here is one more ... My boss always orders his hamburger without tomato. Do you think he is happy when he sends the burger back to the kitchen and it reappears without the tomato but with a few tomato seeds still stuck on the burger patty ?

  3. Oh my god...like that guy at work who is constantly messing stuff up...and can't get through a simple task without pinging you for help...totally irritating.

  4. haha, I just got around to these comments. Good stuff. My two loyal readers.