Seat and re-seat walk into a room…

Sorry I haven’t checked in for a while. The weather here has finally recovered from the freeze ray that was aimed at the country a week or so ago. I’ve been out and about enjoying the sunshine.

I’ll write to you today about one of the most popular topics. Home improvement. A few weeks ago I got tired of my office and in one of those rare quiet moments sitting here I hatched a plan. “Hatched” and “plan” were probably not as accurate as they seemed at the time. More like, “I would be kind of cool” and “I think I’ll take a saw to that”. This two part plan consisted of A) Building a window seat by the window facing the pool, and B) Making cushions for it because it will be oh so much simpler and cheaper to do that won’t it? Enough typing, here’s the project as it unfolded.

DSCN4072Prepped and ready to go


Somewhat out of order, but it makes more sense this way.


Maybe I should buy a third one? Back to Ikea.




and this is where we are…waiting for cushions. That is a whole other story to tell.

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