Stuff that Sam says…

Inspired by a site or twitter feed that has been spreading for a while, “Shit my dad says” I’m going to give you a few Sam’isms from the last few weeks. He’s much less profane that the guy in “Stuff” my dad says, but he’s just as funny. Here are some things that Sam has come up with, mostly out of his own brain or silent contemplation….or TV.

- Dad. You know what you shouldn’t send in the mail? Time bombs.

- I really hurt my back. That was very not interesting.

- (Reading a sign) Open 24 hours…hey dad, that place is open 24 hours! What’s an hour?

- (Randomly – quoting something he saw on TV, oh and loudly in public) – BUTT SCRATCHER! BUTT SCRATCHER?

- I have to pee! Oh wait, do we have donuts?

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