Larry update

One of the problems with hijacking this blog for my own stuff is that the people who turn to this spot for news on my dad don’t find it here very often. Now this is also a good thing when there is nothing to tell, but this morning there is some news to tell.

Yesterday my dad began to have some trouble breathing and eventually this led to an ambulance ride to Trinity West. He was eventually diagnosed with a collapsed lung and had a chest tube inserted to get it fixed. Assuming that people with collapsed lungs get some pretty good relief from the insertion of a chest tube I’m hoping he is doing much better this morning. I have yet to talk to my Mom and will update here when I know more.

For those of you that stop by here and didn’t know why I call this blog “We Love Larry”, now you do. He had a long, arduous trip through a series of medical issues in 2009 and I use this blog to update my family and his friends about how things are going.

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