Hippity, Hoppity

A couple of “Won’t Grandma and Grandpa like to see these pictures?” pictures. The first set is from Sam’s school where they had the 423rd annual Spring hat parade. Ironically Sam had chosen to have plastic slinkies on his hat and everyone thought he was just the cleverest kid because he made a “Spring” hat. Get it? SPRING? – look at the slinkies mom, it will come to you in a minute. Anyhow…here are some Easter related photos.

DSCN4264 DSCN4269

DSCN4294 Sam's teacher - Ms. Gina

Easter egg hunt in the common area of our subdivision. One of the local churches sponsored an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Sam found the money egg and raked in a cool $5.00. Now we are off to another 20 egg hunts so we can find more cash. (just kidding)

IMAG0080 IMAG0081


  1. Cute! Ours was rained out. Oh well.

  2. Yes - Grandma & Grandpa Jacobs loved the pics and Sam's creativity!! wow, Mr. Creativity.