Ladies and gentlemen….THE DOORS!!!

I’m not sure if you are up to speed on the latest news, but a major disaster has been avoided in New York this morning. Sit down first…I don’t want anyone to get hurt when they read this. The DOORMAN strike has been narrowly averted! I know what you’re thinking. How would all of those rich, snobby people been able to get through a door if this had happened? Can you imagine the backup onto the streets as the first guy in line sat and stared at the door expecting it to open? Seriously…there are still doormen? I know I see them from time to time when staying at a large hotel, but apparently this is an actual thing. Here is a link to the article.  Doormen strike averted It might be because I grew up in rural, Midwestern America, but I can’t imagine the need for doormen. We opened our own doors. The article mentions that they take out trash, keep the lobby clean, screen the visitors, blah, blah. Here at the Carroll manse I take out the trash, keep the lobby clean and the only screening done on the visitors is, ironically, the door itself. I’m adding another job to the list of “What to look for in case of losing my current job”.


  1. apparently door men serve the purpose of keeping out the riff raff...they couldve used a couple in dallas.

  2. Tack för att du delar informationen, fortsätt det bra jobbet .... Jag njöt verkligen av att utforska din webbplats. Bra resurs ... Kronfoster