Not a Renaissance man

So it’s not like I have been doing absolutely nothing while I’ve been sick, but writing about it here has obviously been a challenge. I have cleared the desk of Kleenex, downed a bottle of Claritin, and I’m good to go. Here is a note from last weekends jaunt to the Renaissance festival here in Tampa.


So for the last month or probably more all I have been hearing about from Sara is “Can we go to the “Ren fest” At first I thought it was some sort of bird watching club and once I actually went I found that it IS basically a bird watching club. If the bird in question is the cuckoo bird. If you aren’t exactly sure what a Renaissance festival is, then here it is in a nutshell. A Renaissance festival is a big group of people playing dress up games and pretending that they live in the time of King Arthur. There are 3 levels of Ren festers, the first is the curious observer. This is the category me and Sam fell into while visiting. We were there just to partake in the Turkey leg eating and to see some fake sword fights. Second is the “Just goofing around” people. These people dress up in costume, have fun with it and go home to their normal lives. The last group is the more troublesome collection. This group is the “I’m batshit crazy and likely on leave from a mental institution” These people have full regalia costumes, talk like they are from the era and likely also live this way at home. They refer to themselves as knaves, and wenches and I’m glad I didn’t send my Norwegian friends to this event last year. Luckily it started to rain after a couple of hours of wandering in this weird world and I was able to convince Sara and her friend that we had to leave. Some photos for your perusal.

IMAG0063 IMAG0067

IMAG0065 IMAG0070


  1. King Arthur in MolineApril 2, 2010 at 5:00 PM

    Little Jon...did ye slay a dragon on ye voyage?
    Looks like Sam the Young was prepared for battle with his sword drawn and fierce battle gaze.
    Amongst the wenches and the knaves were there minstrels and perhaps a catapult for the entertainment of the King ....

    King Arthur of Moline

  2. There was jousting and many a fierce battle...there was also a group of wandering minstrels, if by minstrels you mean drunk gay men with tights and tickle feathers. It was...umm..interesting. You can come view for yourself next year my liege.