Assorted stuff

Two days before the start of the trip everything seems to be coming together. I guess whatever doesn't come together will just have to sit there.

I'm glad to see that just before we fly into London to start this adventure that they have received the most snowfall they have seen in 20 years. I have no doubt that sightseeing in London is gonna be a cold, messy trek. Figures huh?

My mom managed to get her computer operating in proper fashion. We traded a phone call and video over the internet without much problem. I managed to catch a glimpse of Larry on the camera as he sat and had a few words with me too. I was impressed that they managed to buy a camera, download Skype, set it all up properly and actually make a call. Good job Mom. Medically I don't think there is anything all that new. I'll invite my mom to chime in on that front since she is now a technical expert.


  1. Jon
    I saw several pictures of the snow in London yesterday. Like you said all that snow is a rarety in London. Heathrow airport was closed for sometime. The weather wasn't much better in Oslo.Sure glad we're going the other direction.

  2. Jon, I noticed you are getting creative with the titles for each update on the blog. Here are a few more ideas that you can use for the next blog titles: " Wingin it " ... "Hodge Podge" ...
    "Memo" ... "Feeling Lucky? Read Here " ... "Take a Ride on the Blogomaster " ..... Hope that helps spark the creativity in Jolly Old England.