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I had a theory a few years ago that I’m going to revive here so that Mike Locander can put his two cents in on. The theory related to car insurance / driving records. While there are a lot of details to work out here is the plan.

Every driver gets a number. Every number gets a score. Your score is your driving record. Here is where it gets complicated. If you are seen driving recklessly by someone they can call in your number and screw with your score. To call in a number you also have to give your number, so this way people can’t just call in every day and cause their ex-wife's driver score to go haywire. It’s similar to a points system that exists in most states for “points against your license”. In fact, the states can just use my system and there can be a centralized database for all drivers. I soooooo want to have some sort of recourse on the guy who cuts me off or the person who I see running a stop sign. Sure there are people who are going to get whacked unfairly, but I’ll figure out a way to counter it. I’ve had a lot of ideas that have hit the mainstream in the last few years…

Rake hands


This one might take a few years before our socialistic tendencies get the best of us, but you saw it here first.


  1. I felt an obligation to comment on this post since the price of entry is a mere two cents worth of my thoughts. If small video cameras keep gaining in power and performance then I do not see a need to report your own number. Just hit a "record" button from your dashboard and then the video feeds right to the donut shop where the Police can take the offender's license information. If you want to drive recklessly in a white bronco then go for it, but the world may be watching.

  2. You heard it here first, people!