Trick or treat! – Got a light?

Ok…I really can’t wait. Halloween is officially a joke. First we’ll get the cuteness out of the way. Here is Sam and Sara in all of their Halloween glory.


Now let’s talk a little about Halloween and a couple of beefs I have with this “holiday”. Better yet, let’s do this with a list. Here is a list of the top 10 “Why you probably shouldn’t be trick or treating”

1. You don’t have a costume and you don’t even pretend you have one. Hell…one kid didn’t even have a bag.

2. You ran out of Marlboro lights halfway down the block. Seriously…some “kid” walked up with a mighty “Happy Halloween” with a cigarette in his mouth.

3. Your boss let you out of work a little early so you could get “the good candy”

4. You’re the third generation of trick or treaters in your family tonight.

5. You drove your car to the really good candy neighborhood.

6. You are going to go home, pop open a Bud Light and check your candy for tampering.

7. You have to make up a story about how you are trick or treating for your younger brother / cousin / nephew.

8. You have to quit early because you’re taking the SAT’s the next day.

9. You’re a girl and saying “trick or treat” might be considered solicitation considering how you are dressed.

10. If anything happens to you while you are out collecting candy, it’s ok, your home owners insurance will probably cover it.

It’s so crazy, but each and every one of those instances I thought up using tonight's visitors for inspiration.

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