People are very crafty in Florida

Ok. I posted this picture on Facebook and got zero responses. This is seriously one of those pictures Jay Leno puts on his show. Did no one seriously let the owner of this Karate school know that his name had some sort of funny double meaning? The crazier aspect of the name and the following picture is that people would take their daughters to Karate class, buy them this uniform and THEN parade them around in the uniform!


The second funny picture of the Wesley Chapel craft show is of the same ilk. The process that had to occur for this guy to print a sign that says this is amazing to me. Here is how that process goes.

a – Come up with an invention and a name for your invention

b – Tell your friends and neighbors about it – at this point someone needed to do this guy a favor.

c – Print things up with the name of the invention – at this point the sign store should have asked if they misspelled the name of the thing.

d – Put up your sign and try to sell your invention – at this point someone like me should have pointed it out to the guy.

I just wanted to run up to the guy and yell “You get an F!” – Here’s the invention:


C’mon! Grader?

Just for fun here are the definitions from the dictionary of the two words he is confused about.

grad·er   (grā'dər) 

  1. One that grades, especially:

    1. One who grades students' work.

    2. A piece of heavy equipment used to level or smooth road or other surfaces to the desired gradient.

grat·er   (grā'tər) 
n.  One that grates, as an implement with sharp-edged slits and perforations on which to grate foods.

The last picture from the craft fair is not as funny as it is “Florida”. We speculated on the name of this ice cream stand on our way in, but I couldn’t come up with anything except they named it something dumb so that people would come up and ask why they named it something dumb. At that point people would feel guilty about asking and buy ice cream. Nope. It’s religious in nature. Something about the birth and the death of Jesus. “On the third day he rose from the dead…” I guess on the 4th day Jesus decided on a scoop of Rocky Road with sprinkles. Anyhow…here’s that picture.



  1. 4th day homemade icecream makes me think of a local delicacy named 1 day old chick.. eek

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