All hallows eve

It’s funny. I look back at Halloween in my past and don’t remember that much. Halloween wasn’t a huge deal back when I was a kid, especially in Orion. Everyone did the usual things, dressed up, begged for candy, the occasional prank. The first time I remember Halloween being different was in St. Louis. In St. Louis Halloween is pretty much a national holiday. EVERYONE decorates their homes, kids or no kids. There were about 20 different haunted houses to choose from and these weren’t your run of the mill haunted houses. These were for-profit professional deals. In fact…here’s a link to one of this years St. Louis haunted houses.

St. Louis haunted houses – click here

Crazy - $20 for a ticket! That’s how serious they are.

Florida has its own set of rules for Halloween. The interesting part about Halloween here is that you rarely have to worry about that November chill and covering up your costume because you are too cold. Here most people sit out on their driveways, evaluate the costumes as the kids stroll by and occasionally there is a “treat” for the adults. There is a house down the street that has offered jello shots for the adults as they wander the streets with the kids. I found that the people manning the jello shot station didn’t have very good memories (probably due to their own intake) and I could go back many times. 

Pictures coming soon.

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