So I have a dilemma. My new phone came complete with a phone number that used to belong to what seems to be 3 different people. Two of the people I don’t really have a problem with. The first guy is apparently a guy named “Nut”. He gets calls from all over the country and everyone seems to be sad that Nut doesn’t answer the phone any more. The second person, Joan Aguilar, gets a call from a robotic caller about once a week. I press the hell out of #1 since it says they will quit calling Joan if you do that, but alas, it seems to be a lie. The third person is the dilemma. “Steven _____” apparently owes someone some money. The people tasked with getting the money think I’m Steve. I tell them my name is Jon and that they have the wrong number and they always say, “Ok Steve”. I refuse to tell them my last name because I don’t really feel like I owe them anything, but they are very persistent. I’m almost willing to tell them my last name, but I’m not sure that will end the questions. What do I do? I kind of enjoy making them mad at Steve’s expense. I figure I don’t really have anything to lose by making them mad at him. Any suggestions? 


  1. Listen friend, Thanks for covering for me and confusing the debt collectors. In good time I will make this all worth your while if you know what I mean. There is a little secret about my friend " Nut " that I will share later.


  2. Has anyone seen or heard from my trained robot ?
    We were together a few months ago in the poker room in Vegas and he wandered off with a waitress named Trixie. I lost my cell phone in a back alley scuffle and havent been able to contact "el robo" ever since.

  3. I knew I was opening a can of worms with that post. Now these people are stalking me on this blog....argh.