It’s funny but I sometimes forget I haven’t even been doing this blog for a year. I only really remember when it comes time to post milestone items like “Things I’m thankful for” on Thanksgiving. I’ve never written them down or shared them with anyone. Once again I get to record these things for posterity.

1. It would be pretty uncool to have a blog called “We Love Larry” and not be thankful for the man himself. Mom---Don’t read this to him, he’ll just get upset. There were some pretty dark days near this time last year and during a lot of them I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to see my dad again. I’m thankful for all of the days between that time and now because I sure didn’t think I would get them. I’m thankful for you Dad.

2. Equally uncool would be to be thankful for Larry, but not for my mom. I’m so thankful that for the times when we couldn’t be at his side or be there to help, my mom was ALWAYS there. I’m thankful for you mom and I love you both.

3. Sara, Sam, Jen – I would probably have to start a whole new blog to express how thankful to have you guys in my life. I love you all.

4. Beth, John, Allie, Linda, Bill – you are not #4 on the actual “I’m thankful for” list, don’t pay any attention to the numbers.

5. Health – I’m thankful to have the strength and energy to have roamed the hills and mountains of Norway, biked the miles of trails in Holland, traversed the subways and streets of London and to be healthy and strong enough to do it again if I get the chance.

6. In a mixed bag of thankfulness I’m thankful for: The lady who keeps Sam’s school running, people to throw candy at during Halloween, my long distance co-workers who seem like they are closer than they are, the opportunity to work from home and help my kids have a normal day, my friend Mike who can always be counted on to add further value to my mostly daily observations, the Tijuana Flats girls who prove that “kids” are still hard workers and nice people.

oh…and anyone who reads this blog and shares my day. I hope that those of you that do read this have a great Thanksgiving and as much to be thankful for as I do.


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  1. I am thankful that you have shed some light on me and my struggles in your blog. I have decided to quit smoking and I am moving to the midwest where I can find a new gig that pays some real money. There is no money in curbside advertising and I have three lil lobsters to put through college. Thanks again you are a very wise man and I have been blessed to be your local lobster boy.