It wasn’t me officer

So remember the people who were calling my phone? I have another story of mistaken identity.

We moved here in 2005, settled in, got ourselves established as the Carroll family on Hawk Hill Loop. Excited to get mail at our new address I would diligently retrieve the mail every day and was pretty excited when in no time I started to get mail addressed to me. I kept thinking it was strange that after all of these years people would still send mail to JOHN Carroll. I’ve worked hard to establish myself as the “No H” Jon Carroll. Even funnier, I thought, was that the mail kept coming to our house at 22711 even though the JOHN mail said it was supposed to go to 22811. By now, being the smart people that you are, you have determined that there might be more going on that just a simple misspelling or address issue. You would be right. Curiously this is what was occurring. Here are two residents of Hawk Hill Loop and their addresses.

John Carroll – 22811 Hawk Hill Loop

Jon Carroll – 22711 Hawk Hill Loop

Haha, this is funny, strange and confusing as hell for the Postwoman. The one additional side note that made me a little wary and concerned for my own identity is that I got a couple of “Notices to Appear” for the “H” John and I can’t really remember how I found out, but it was for Possession of Marijuana. This hasn’t been a problem yet, but I envision the day when I’m tooling around Land O Lakes on my scooter, minding my own business, when I’m surrounded by Sheriffs deputies in a weird episode of COPS. Remember this when you are watching late night TV and you get to point at the screen and yell out “I KNOW THAT GUY!”


  1. Hey Maverick I love your blog. It seems as though we have a lot in common with mistaken identities and also mistreatment by the mainstream media. Maybe you can join me for my book tour or for the 2012 election. We sure have to keep our eyes on those Russians and if they fly near Alaska or Florida.


  2. Wow..I'm honored. I'm not a Sarah Palin fan but I'm glad you stopped by my humble blog. I think you might be thinking of the San Francisco Chronicle "Jon Carroll" though.