I went yard

Yesterday was the Worldwide 3rd Annual Superspectacular Valencia Gardens 2009 yard sale. Simply by reading that title you have experienced the highlight of the entire event. I am not a fan of yard sales, but they are necessary evils that bridge the gap between legitimate commerce and the black market. The problem is that I HOPED to sell all the stuff I didn’t want anymore for a fair price and thought if Jen and Sara slept in long enough I wouldn’t collect anyone else's junk either. Neither of those things happened. The funny thing is that there really seems to be no logic to the yard sale. People buy, and don’t buy, the goofiest things. I didn’t have any goofy things to sell, but here are some of the funny things that happened.

- 27” TV for sale Flat screen, not flat panel, mind you…but a nice TV. I ran an extension cord out to the edge of the garage especially for the lucky individual who bought it to test its viability. The guy who did buy it got me for an extra $5 because it didn’t have a remote and had no interest in testing it. The guy who bought the $2 lamp, however, asked me if he could try it out with “that extension cord over there”.

- People would buy things, pay me, and then leave the stuff there to pick up later. THEN they would come back and forget if they paid me or not! I could have sold a pair of twin beds we had about 6 times by this method.

- The Lexmark printer for $10? Didn’t sell. An old “Cars” Halloween costume for $1. SOLD.

- FREE mirror squares. No takers. $2 rickety wooden ladder? SOLD.

I did, however, experience a first at this yard sale. I told a lady that a scarf she picked up was 25 cents. She said she’d take it, but I didn’t have change at that moment. She said no problem, “Just take the dollar for it.” For all you expert yard sale people out there…this is just unheard of. I think I’m going to frame the dollar.

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