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Today I had one of those thoughts or bunches of thoughts and said to myself…”Gotta remember that. That would be a good blog entry”. I have since forgotten what it was.

On another note, we took the kids to get their flu shots and the gods decided to reward me with something to post here anyhow. Presumably until I remember the other thing.


You might have to look closely to see why this is funny, but there are some thoughts about how this happens.

- Someone wrote it down wrong and gave it to the printer?

- Printer got this and didn’t know it was wrong?

- Person who received  the signs didn’t notice it?

- Person who placed the signs in the ground didn’t notice it either?

This is either a whole bunch of indifference or incompetence. Either way it’s slightly funnier that it is for the opening of a new hospital. I hope the doctors here are not “Opening Team memememembers”


  1. Thank you so much for posting a picture of my newly assigned parking place. This is the first time they actually spelled my name correctly.

    Dr. Ignatius Memember
    Proud Member of the Florida Medical Assoc.

  2. On second thought I think there is a problem with either my eyesight or the sign.

    Dr M.