Lazy, hazy, crazy days of….me

Things that are currently driving me crazy…

- Why can’t you ever find a pen when you need one? Are they hiding in the “other” sock from the dryer?

- When I find a pen why is it always red, out of ink, or broken?

- When is is ok to take the last of something? I NEVER take the last of something. If everyone played by this rule I guess there would always be little bits of stuff around. Besides Sara who takes the last of things?

- Why do people walk on the side of the road when there are sidewalk along the road? 50% of the kids that walk home from the bus stop around here do this.

- Why does it cost $695 for that old car theft system, Lojack when you could just throw one of these in your trunk and be good for $100.

- Facebook recommendations. Apparently if 15 of my other friends are cool with someone…I should be also.

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