Chemo #3

Hello all.

25% of the way thorugh chemo treatments and all is well so far. The biggest complaint I hear from Orion these days is the temperature and the amount of snow. They don't even complain about that as much as I cringe when I hear about it.

The doctor seems very pleased about my dads progress and I had to remind my mom where we were a couple of months ago and how much better things are. Please read a comment posted by Colleen on the previous post titled "Just checking in". She has a good run down of their visit and how my dad seems to be faring.

On that note....a couple of people have noted that they don't see the comments I'm referring to. Please see the picture below and click any title to show the comments for that post. There aren't that many of them, but they are there. The only reason I think people may not see them is that once you click the title you see the post again and would have to scroll down to see any comments.

That's it for now. Rehab today, followed by some newspaper reading and who knows what else.


  1. Thanks Jon.
    Sounds like you're doing great Larry. I'm hoping to come see you when Pat comes to Ill. Get rid of all that snow and cold. I've been in Texaas too long to handle much cold let alone all the snow.

  2. I finally got a chance to see the family picture and it is true that " a picture is worth a thousand words ". My first thought was " Nice Family photo ". My next thought was " I wonder if Jon is standing on a chair". Thanks for leaving your e-mail address on the blog. I will keep watching for updates and sending you some Locander family highlights as well.
    Take care everyone ......