The man himself

Most of the time I call my mom answers and I end up using all of one or both of our time and I don't get to talk to dad. Today I called and lo and behold he answered the phone. Let's get all of the "How's he sound?" stuff out of the way. He sounds good, still trying to beat a cold that we probably gave him during our visit. He caught me up on what he has been doing which pretty much consists of reading the paper, listening to books, and being bounced from appointment to appointment. He told me he has chemo on Monday and that he hasn't gotten to the point yet that he doesn't want to go or that it is anything but an event. Hopefully it just stays that way. He gives me much more detailed conversation that before and it's good to hear him feel better.

On another note....with all the comedians in our group of family and friends I expected at least one comment on the family photo...chickens. C'mon Locander, I know I can count on you.

Seems dad was also expecting a visit from Pat and Leo, so I hope to hear from them and get some real, on site scoop.

That's it for now.



  1. Okay,you asked for it.
    I couldn't help but notice how much hair you and Tim do not have. What side of the family is respsonsible for that?

  2. I knew I could count on you Uncle Ray. "Don't mess up the curls" give you a clue? Apparently it comes from the mothers side, but my mom and grandma weren't bald.

  3. As I recall,Jon, your grandfather on your mothers side was as bald as my dad was. Blame him.
    Talked to Jeff earlier this evening and filled him in on Larry. Sounds like he is feeling so much better.
    Larry you can jump in here any time and talk to me.

  4. I won't comment about the lack of hair. We decided to wait ahile since Paul went this week-end. Leo is having foot surgery the23rd, nothing major. Will wait and see how the weather is