If they can land a plane in the Hudson...

...then we can all keep positive and optimistic. Big busy day for mom and dad on Monday with a thousand appointments and places to go. I'm trying to think of something new, but I've mentioned the weather 50 times, appointments are boring, the run of bad luck out of Orion continues, but doesn't involve my dad....not sure where to go. I think I'll dig up a couple of pictures and add them to this post, that's always fun. 

I sent my mom a link to be an author on the blog since she said she tried to type a message to everyone here in one of the comment forms. I'm not sure when or if we will see a message from her, but keep checking. 

Trip stuff: We got the key to the Norwegians house yesterday in the mail and the list of things to do before leaving is dwindling. 17 days.


  1. HI...Well I managed to get a pic of Paul and me on this blog but don't really know how I did it. Problem now is that I don't know how to get rid of the pic of Paul and NYC that's still there; we don't need two pics!

    I googled Skype 'cause I'd not heard of it before... if I were to "call" you on that would the call show up on your computer? Do I have to sign up with them to call you via SKype? Hopefully these are ?s other blogger family have...

  2. Colleen...I can check with Gary since he has used it before. I have a skpe account but have never used it before.

    Uncle Larry...too bad we don't live closer. We could go to rehab together. I'm still rehabing my shoulders and boy has the right one been more difficult!