Another day, another dollar...

Ha....Dad has been breaking out all of his old sayings so he can continue to be the funniest guy in the room. Every morning he has gotten me with the 'ol:

Jon: Hi Dad - How did you sleep?
Larry: Lying down.

We went to rehab today...physical, occupational, and speech. He didn't like the physical therapy today. He seems to think the guy put him through the wringer. Generally the upside we have seen lately is that he has been staying alert all day and getting up fewer times in the night. Those two things have him in a better schedule and, I think, feeling better. For those of you that talked to him the other day, thanks for calling. Even though he gets emotional he likes to hear from people other than the usual suspects.

Chemo is still scheduled for 12/29, so...hopefully round 2 can get done without incident or drama.


  1. Dear Larry and Jon:

    Since the Chicago Cubs will be playing in the World Series in 2009 should I start making my vacation plans now or wait until September to book my rooftop seats just outside of Wrigley Field ? Although my three year old daughter is a Cubs fan there seems to be a problem with the elder daughter as she has somehow become a pesky Cardinal fan .... Please advise on how to handle this situation. The girl needs help.


  2. Hi All,
    Well I have some of that problem of staying alert all day and getting up at night. That is an older man thing. Right?? Glad to hear the rehab is going well.Keep up the good work Larry.
    Notice that I said older, not old. Thinks are pretty quiet around here. Wheather is good and very little snow, for now. I think we need to get a more active life. You all be good and keep up the good fight. Oh ya, I always sleep better lying down also. Well enough said.


  3. Never called you on Xmas because I figured you would get plenty without me. Glad to hear you're up to some old Larry jokes. Sounds like progress to me.
    Would you believe it was 78 degrees here today.
    When does Jon go back to Fl?

  4. Hi Larry and everyone,
    I will try to call this weekend. I am glad you all were able to be together for the holidays. I have been thinking about you often. I agree Jon, I don't know how they live in that cold weather. Definitely don't miss that. Take care. Love, Diane and family