It's working...

I'll give you guys the credit for the day so far. Thanks for the messages and best wishes.

My dad and I went to breakfast this morning at Dennys and met with a couple of his friends for coffee. We had a good time, got out of the house, the temperature is a balmy 20'ish degrees....good stuff. So, for 4 hours today things are looking good. One downside....using a walker in the snow is an interesting adventure.

Curious Murphys law development. Here is a list of things that have gone wrong around this's like a test of some sorts.

  • Shower handle broke in the only Larry accessable shower.
  • Dishwasher went out.
  • Car mirror mysteriously broke off my parents car.
  • Fireplace burner went out.

All of it is fixed, but it's a good "When it rains, it pours" story.



  1. Jon
    You and my son David, must be related,really.
    He and Murphy's Law know each other real well.If he's around thing that can go wrong it certainly will.
    Using a walker in thesnowmust be some kind of comedy of error's.
    Glad to read that all the problems tho were fixable.
    Hang in Larry.
    Prayers and Love from Texas.

  2. Glad to hear he got out for a visit instead of to doctors. Will call Christmas and talk to everyone. Hopefully we can come for a visit next month depending on the weather. Love Pat

  3. Hey Guy's looks like you have more snow and ice in your town. Jon, Larry told me his snow blower was also broke, did you get that running? This last storm went thru without any snow for us. Be careflul if you have to keep Larry's doc. appt. today. Larry, get that snow blower running then you will have a motorized walker. Ha'. "Talk" to you later.
    Merry Christmas.
    Bud and Em