Let the drugs begin...

and so it starts....Funny, but it struck me last night that today's treatment is the first time he is being treated for his actual disease rather than all the symptoms. I think right now dad is getting tests and anti-nausea medication out of the way in preparation for about 3 hours of chem treatment. Sounds like he is doing well and everything is going according to plan.

I ran across another blog while I was trying to figure out all the drug acronyms and side affects and figured it would be good to post here. This girl has written a good account of what his chemo treatment is all about, the drugs, side affects, real life stuff. She writes about it from a patients perspective and its quick and easy to "get it". Anyhow...if you get a chance and are interested it's good information.  Running from Hodgkin's

Dad should be home later today. It's icy and bad weather in the Quad Cities, so he's got that to look forward to. More updates soon.  Jon

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