More of nothing...

I have requested that my dad put me out of the blog business by not generating any news or information. So far, so good.

My mom says he didn't have the best of days yesterday, but went to rehab this morning and seems to be doing well today. She asked him if he could feel the chemo eating away at the bad cells....I think I tuned out the answer. More rehab and appointments to determine Hemoglobin counts and his INR. There's another link for those of you that want to have discussions in our world. The talks pretty much revolve around what is this number and that number and when do we get to have this discussion again.

We (my family) are still on for the 18 hour drive from Tampa, to Orion starting Friday. We hope to be there sometime Sunday and from there I've been told that I'm on driving and appointment duty. Anyone know of any good books? 

That's all for now. 

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