Alesund redux

Depending on how observant you are you might notice a couple of changes. One of them is on purpose, the other, on accident. I finally found a way to put a comment link and count at the bottom of each post. Hopefully this will make it easier and more obvious for everyone. I'm working on the post titles because for some reason the size of them shrank when I adjusted the other. This is forcing me to know more HTML than I wanted to. Another change I'm making is that I'm going to try to limit the pictures to 1 or 2 at a time, but include a link to our Shutterfly photo album so that all the pictures are in one place. Jen has a blog also that is listed in the right hand column called "Homeroamers".....stop over there for a different perspective on our travel.

We went into Alesund again the other day because the weather was so nice. Turns out that the closer you get to the sea, the colder it gets. 56 here at the house turned into 36 standing by the lighthouse. Lesson learned. Apparently a cruise ship makes a stop in Alesund everyday from noon to 3:00, so from 12-3 anyone who mutters a single word of English pays double. We have taken to whispering and acting Norwegian. We have found a little cafe in Alesund that we enjoy, but only once a week as a treat. It's a fun place to try some new Norwegian words without getting "the eyeball".

More soon...check out the photo link for shutterfly if you like. I think almost all of our pictures are there.

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