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Since it is almost 5:00 a.m. here I can't really call and get the latest from Orion, so you're stuck with more on Norway and our travel plans.

We have firmed up our gap week between the Netherlands and Sweden. I'll spare you the details, but it involves the following locations: Rotterdam, Guernsey Islands, La Havre, France, Barcelona & Madrid, Spain,and a little bit of Belgium. By the time we are done with those trains, planes and automobiles the kids will either grow up to love travel or be agoraphobic. Wish me luck.

It was a fun week here in Emblem. We had a weenie roast out in the cul de sac circle with the neighbors. It was pretty much the same as in the states, the smoke still follows you as you stand around the fire. They thought it would be fun to review the stereotypes they have of Americans and wanted to know the ones we had of Norwegians. You'll be happy to know that they weren't bold enough to tell us any real bad stereotypes they had, but they do find Americans to be very, how did they say it? "Super hero afflicted"? They say that Americans tend to think that we are the strongest, biggest, best and very proud of it. I told them that we didn't have stereotypes of Norwegians because we didn't really know what Norway was or even that it was a country. That oughta teach them. They enjoyed the joke and we had some good laughs. They are a very friendly, interesting bunch.

Sam has had a good time playing with the kids in the neighborhood....they communicate through stares and screams pretty much. We found an interesting play area around the back of one of the homes here. We discovered it as we looked up on the hill and found that all the neighborhood kids had been trapped in a net and faced certain doom. Turns out that one of the fathers down the street had strung an old net up the hill behind the house and ALL the kids were welcome to try it out. Here is a visual.

We are headed into Alesund again today to take a tour of the ship that docks there at noon. If Sam has his way we will be sailing on it. I'll let you know where we land.

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