Larry can say it both ways.

Quick update from Orion. All is relatively well. They are keeping busy and Dad is getting out and doing a variety of things. This has involved a neighborhood euchre night, breakfast with the church guys, and his PULSE activity. Sunny (our dog) has been keeping him company and helping. Mom says he is reading a book and doing the crossword in the paper. He is still VERY emotional when attention turns his way, so the rules for talking to Larry are:

  • Don't start with "How are you doing?" - Especially with that hand on the shoulder or pat on the back maneuver.
  • Some good starter topics are: Baseball, weather, nuclear proliferation (just seeing how far you read)
  • Try not to end with a teary hug of your own. Maybe a "Catch ya later" followed with a high five.
Ok, so I'm mostly just kidding. There isn't a ton you can do to keep him from whatever gets him going, but don't let this possibility keep you from stopping by, writing or calling. I'll end this post with a group of photos from our trip this weekend. Leisurely trip around the area.

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