Sign said, long haired freaky people.....

Sorry Norwegians, but this one is driving me as crazy as the ice cubes. I've been touting your roundabouts and traffic navigation since I got here. I even have one more plug before I harass you. I have only seen ONE stop sign since I got here. Very cool. What isn't so cool is the lack of signs. I think there is probably a happy medium from the US system of putting up a sign every couple of miles to tell you you've gotten two miles closer to your destination and the Norwegian "guess where you are" system. I find that the signs here are usually 10 feet from the turn or not there at all. I've had a couple of those.."The sign said I should turn.....oops" situations. I guess I'm only typing this to get back at them for making me go around the roundabout in Andalsnes like 5 times. There were like 6 choices and since the sign is basically right at the roundabout itself you have 2 seconds to memorize the spokes and then 3 more seconds to actually turn the car. I'm pretty sure the sign for that roundabout looked like this.

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