Promontory....didn't even have to look it up!

Who would have thunk it? Today we woke up and I checked the thermometer and it read 46 degrees. For some reason I thought I had 3 months of borderline hypothermia ahead of me. Consider that we are a short trip from Iceland and you probably would think the same thing. Once I saw the 46 reading it was was time to get out and explore a little better. The family that lives here had left a map that had some directions about how to get to the water that we can see from our porch. The directions involved travelling upon some form of tractor path, so it was still a little sketchy. We managed to find the tractor path, and it lived up to my expectations of a tractor path and even seemed to serve as a horse path as Sam found ample "evidence" of horses. Once we managed to dodge the loose gravel, mud, melting snow, and "evidence", we came to an opening at the mouth of a small inlet. There were a number of boat houses and a couple of them looked like they might have been left over from the time of the Vikings. We crossed the stream, a result of the snow melt, and proceeded to climb the rocks to see what we could see. We eventually made it up to the promontory and Sam proclaimed it "the best place ever!" Anyhow....we enjoyed the view for a little while, but the reality of going back home because "Dad has to work" eventually set in. As usual we took some pictures, and as usual, most of them don't do the trip justice. We are hoping that sun and blue skies will eventually follow the temperatures and the photos will get better too. Here are a couple of photos from the walk and an Orion update below.

Orion - If anyone has a remedy for itching pass it along to Orion. Seems my dad is having some sort of reaction / affliction and is scratching himself into a frenzy. My mom has tried all of the usual things, but nothing seems to work. That's about it from there. My dad said he watched a basketball game and that he is doing nothing exciting. He's pretty short with his conversations with me so if any of you talk to him and find he is up to something more interesting please pass it along. See ya soon.

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  1. Try this to cure the itching. Take all of your Cardinal memorabilia and put it into a small pile in the yard. Light it on fire and let the smoke completely surround you while you sing "Go Cubs Go". If itching persists please seek medical attention.