Just thinking out loud.

I had another discussion with my new friend who is living in my house. If anyone is confused by that statement you haven't been reading close enough. He had a couple of observations about their time in the US and I thought I would share some of it with you.

He has noticed that everyone seems to be in a rush to go from here to there and probably back again. There seems to be very little time devoted to relaxation or slowing down. The observation that brings this home is one he made at church. He noticed that people started to leave during the last song because, apparently, they had another place to get to or didn't want to get caught up in the crowd. It's an interesting thought. If you take the time to go to church you might as well stay the extra minute for the entire service and enjoy the crowd. That crowd is probably the best crowd to get hung up in.

My mom will lecture me about telling people how to go to church because I don't really go, but the story is the same for other things. I'm not really trying to lecture at all. I'm writing down reminders for myself when I get home. Here is the list so far.

  1. Walk and bike more. I live less than a mile from the grocery and drove there all the time.
  2. Have more fun and teach the kids how to have fun. Wow....that has to be on a list?
  3. I don't need "stuff". I don't need as much "stuff".

This isn't the whole list....just getting a start. Plus...I have more travelling to do. Who knows what I'll figure out later.

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