Piece of cake

Yesterday I stumbled upon a small party out in the neighborhood circle in front of the house. I say I stumbled upon it, but I actually saw cake sitting on the table out there and carefully inserted myself into the party. Ok...not really, but it sounds like something I would do. They saw me wandering around aimlessly and politely invited me to have some cake. Curiously I managed to pick up some of the conversation and understand a word or two, here and there. One of the guys offered me some "Norwegian coffee", but I'm on to him. I peg him as the neighborhood comedian and I'm pretty sure it was just plain coffee. All in all a normal afternoon here. Sitting around a big rock picnic table, 40 degrees, eating cake and speaking in a foreign language. I wind up my little visit by rustling up my best Norwegian, throw a "Tak for kakke" their way, and I'm back off to work. Try that phrase in the US and be prepared to be arrested or chased through the streets.

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