I click, therefore, here I am…

I accidently clicked the “Write a blog post” link on my desktop, so in the spirit of “There is no such thing as an accident” I will write to you.

Some key events since my last post:

  • Sam joined Cub Scouts…pictures and “buy some popcorn” requests are on the way.
  • I changed jobs at work. Bigger, better job, but takes more of my time.
  • I have logged an additional 65 miles on my bike. Look out 500! – ok, more like look out 250!

The weather in Florida is finally cooperating and you don’t have to put on your asbestos suit to walk across the parking lot. I’m enjoying the chance to get out in the morning and bike or walk in the cooler weather.

Larry and Wilma will apparently be spending some time with us in December / January, so stay tuned for some possible “Larry wrestles an alligator” stories.

That’s all for now. Maybe this “accident” will get me going and I can get back into writing. It’s almost 2 years now of “We love Larry”. Yea!