Long in the tooth

I’m pretty sure I’m getting old. Today I almost killed a man on his bike. I pulled one of those maneuvers I thought only old people do…so maybe I’m right. It was a multi-tasking thing. In an effort to get out of the way of another car turning, I pulled out without looking the other way. This came as quite a surprise to Vance Headstrong as he braked hard enough to force some of his camelback water into his sinuses. Jen didn’t say anything, but I know she was not impressed. Another sign that I’m getting old and also related to driving is that I no longer speed. I’m content to get wherever I’m going, whenever I get there. I haven’t reduced myself to driving under the speed limit, but I do curse at people who I think are just going “Too darn fast”. I guess I’m probably not too bad off. I sat here for a while staring at this blog trying to think of other clues that I might be getting old, but couldn’t come up with more of them. Sorry to cut this short, but I gotta run…the news is coming on