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Since I have this title I will also skip the excuses for not writing here.

An observation about St. Louis, and may this is true of other cities, they are event crazy. Every weekend it’s something. “Taste of St. Louis”, “Lou-fest”, Fair St. Louis”. Don’t get me wrong this stuff is great, the problem is that these things shut down the city. If you’ve ever been to St. Louis you know that there are like 3 East-West streets that are the main thoroughfares and if they shut one down you have to use the old underground railroad tunnels to make it to your destination. One of the other favorite city events is also the “run”. 5K – 10K, Fun run, Girls on the run, Run for the border, you get the drift. These also close down the roads. Here’s a thought. Designate one street for this stuff, close it year round, and make it a special celebration once a year and let people drive on it or across it. That would be more interesting that navigating the “which road is closed this week” debacle. I’d love to also get a list of the parades they have here because I’m pretty sure they are not using the standard list of holidays. I support one parade and one parade only…see below. (Hint for Cubs fans: It’s a World Series parade – wasn’t sure if cameras had been invented since your last one.)


Yes I’m writing this because the streets were shutdown again this morning…WTH holiday is September 22nd?


I was searching for a picture in the vast archive of pictures that is the Carroll family over the years and found that I hadn’t posted anything in 2013. I’ve made promises to post new and interesting stuff here time and time again and can’t seem to get the ball rolling. Maybe this will get me started?

Looking forward to a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Bill this month. I’m not sure if either of them have been to St. Louis, but we’re going to give them the dime tour.

Possible posts for the future? (This also might spur me to follow through)

- Loft living in St. Louis. I’m fascinated by the newest renovation down the street.

- Food? Maybe a visit inside of the Steve’s Dogs franchise?

- Baseball

- Excited about the Riverfront bike trail…..gotta get out and find it now.

More soon…seriously. I promise.